Why Promote your Business with Postcards?

by Lisa Shaw

by Christopher Ross

Investing in advertising, and it is an investment, is all about return. Have you looked at the price of Yellow Page and newspaper display advertising? In the case of newspapers, it costs hundreds of dollars for a single day. That can add up very quickly, draining your marketing reserves before you’ve had the opportunity to earn an income.

Before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a newspaper ad, and how many potential clients will see it on that particular day, in that particular section?

There is a way around the advertising dilemma, and its postcard marketing. Full color, gorgeous postcards that catch your clients’ attention and stretch your marketing budget further than you can imagine.

How? Simple really, unlike newspaper or yellow page advertising you’ve diversified your marketing without increasing your costs.

Postcards are a great direct marketing tool; you can mail them as reminders to existing clients, new or potential clients or even bulk mail them as unaddressed advertisements to entire regions. That’s what I do, and it works!

Ever month, I send postcards directly to a list of clients I have not heard from in a while, just a friendly little “howdy” message to remind them I’m still around. Then I sent a thousand unaddressed promotional postcards to a ZIP code I want to generate business in, the end result is that with one postcard I capture two markets!

That’s pretty amazing but what’s even better is that I can use the same postcard as a handout at trade shows, mail outs through my local Chamber of Commerce meetings, I can leave them behind after visiting clients, I can post them on message boards and even send them as teasers in my monthly invoices.

So there you have it, a cost effective marketing tool that can be utilized again and again with little to no risk, for far less than the price of advertising in your local newspaper!

Christopher Ross, UE is a freelance designer

August 28th 2009

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards