Where’s the compelling offer people!?

by Lisa Shaw

Time and time again real estate agents will ask about how our real estate postcards fair with those of our competitors. The quick answer is that they don’t fair with our real estate postcards. Now, that might sound a bit bias coming from a person who represents that same business, however, if you stop for a moment and really look…it’s true.

Let me be quite frank with you about how this industry works. Most postcard market companies that focus on helping real estate professionals are out to sell you empty promises how their postcard products can make you money fast. They push this idea that if you market, market, market your phone will soon ring, thus making their claims true. When in reality, with any amount of noise making, you’re soon to turn some one’s head. However, that’s not proof that a product is truly effective or saves you work and time on your dollar spent.

It’s all about the offer you pitch to buyers and sellers that make you stand out from others. And it will always be that way. In fact, just stop and think about the last time you bought something from a retail store. What was it that compelled you to move forward with that product? Was it on sale? Did it just hit store shelves? No matter the reason, the “offer” is what moved you. Whether you bought it because it was 50% off or you wanted others to see you as cutting edge, there is an “offer”and you appropriate value to that offer. And that’s just what Realasponse.com does with real estate marketing.

Our postcards come equipped with offers. Attractive offers to buyers and sellers that are hard to turn down. Because the one thing that any buyer or seller wants is good information that will either help them save money or make money; that this is done by sharing valuable information. Information we help you market and offer. Other postcard marketing companies don’t do that. It’s practically a do-it-yourself kit with no instruction. We’ve done the work for you.

Remember, people will only pick up the phone and call you once they are compelled too. Offer something valuable and meaningful to them. That’s the Realasponse.com difference.

March 1st 2010

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards