Understanding the ingredients of a really good real estate marketing postcard

by Lisa Shaw

I’m often asked the question: “How can I make my real estate postcards stand out?” The question can be tough for many agents because today’ real estate marketing requires that you be different from other agents who may have saturated the market with postcards bearing overused and tired messages. Among the most common over used messages you’ll see today (or may have even used yourself) are messages like: ” Buying or Selling?”….”Free Consultation”… or “Call me for a FREE market analysis”. These recycled messages are sure to have prospects disregard your message quickly because they are tel-tale signs of “another real estate agent trying to sell me.”

One of the ingredients that make up a great marketing postcard is “visual appeal”. Remember, you only have so much time to capture the attention of the prospect. So deciding what will be the focus of a piece is of utmost importance. You don’t want to focus the visual so much on yourself, however, marry the relationship of service and self. Also important is layout; you don’t want clutter. Many agents (out of desperation) will try and cram every bit of information about themself and service on one postcard. DON’T DO THIS. You make yourself out to be cheap and unprofessional. You’re no different than the place down the street that sells “Chinese Food & Donuts”. Get the point? Make your message clean and clear.

Also be direct on what you want to offer. Remember, your offer is the call to action.

What Realasponse has done is make it easier on you by implementing these strategies for you already. You can either try to design your own real estate postcards and think up an offer or use or direct mail postcards that do everything for you…including mailing.

Which ever way you decide, remember that visual appeal, layout, and offer are most important when compelling prospects.

September 20th 2007

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards