Today’s real estate postcard companies are a problem for today’s real estate professionals…

by Lisa Shaw

You know… I can almost understand why certain agents refuse to market using real estate postcards. Today’s real estate postcard companies believe we’re in the 90’s. The old approaches may have worked then when using real estate direct mail marketing, however, today’s times require a calculated approach toward getting prospects to RESPOND to your marketing pieces. A cute phrase means nothing to prospects who are weary of the market. Why? Because it doesn’t speak to their core desire on what’s valuable to them. At most, the postcard will garner a chuckle or two. But both you and I know you didn’t get into real estate for a few laughs. You got into this game to make money, do the things you enjoy, and have a life.

For example, how many commercials have made you laugh? I’d imagine quit a few. Now, how many out of those that made you laugh motivated you to get up and purchase that service or product? Hardly any; I’d imagine. At best they became water cooler conversation with co-workers or friends. You see… flattery alone is not enough. What postcard marketing companies need to offer agents are postcards that use design to flatter prospects and prospect research when constructing a “call-to-action” message to get prospects to call. How can real estate postcard marketing companies expect prospects to call you if they’ve done no research on what prospects say they want in an agent? How can they sell you a product which they promise is a “proven product” and have done no testing? The only real estate postcards that cover the gamut are those mentioned from

If you desire leaving your marketing to guesswork then use outdated postcards, however if you desire a response from your postcard campaigns then use postcards that speak to the concerns of prospects in today’s market.

September 3rd 2007

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards