Today’s Just Listed Postcards should be called “Just Lousy” postcards

by Lisa Shaw

I’m partly kidding. However, if you look at many of today’s just listed postcards they do a great disservice to the home being featured; whether the home is a beauty or not. I mean, even if the home is a fixer-upper you still want the home to come across as appealing to shoppers. And that’s just the problem with many of the just listed postcard designs out there on the web. They’re generic!!! A good just listed postcard complements the home in categories of style, presentation and character.

What many postcard companies will do is create a generic template and offer several different color schemes of the same design as if this some how provides options. Many of them have the thought of, “Hey, create something quick and easy and tell the agent that it’s solely a numbers game and they have to buy 1000’s of postcards to see any reasonable return on their investment.” This is in no way the case.

If you use innovative eye grabbing postcards that act as a containers to compliment the home being featured, you don’t have to solely relay on large postcard number to make up for lack of presentation. Certainly real estate direct mail, to a degree, is a numbers game. But the winning element has always been presentation and layout. Focus on those elements and you’ve got a ticket to increasing the chances on a higher response on your mailing.

September 27th 2007

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards