The problem with do-it-youself real estate postcards you create online…

by Lisa Shaw

First off, as a real estate professional you’re pressed for time when it comes to creating quality real estate postcards and marketing material. You’re generally given a couple of options. You could go to a graphic designer, however, chances are you’d have to keep following up with the designer and they’d probably be late or you could try to design it yourself with some online automated tool dotted with all kinds of restrictions. Let’s take a closer look at this restrictions.

The #1 thing real estate agents sacrifice when creating real estate postcards using online tools is quality. It’s true. The tools you’re given to make your postcards are limited in flexibility.

You can only choose from a certain number of fonts. This is a big mistake given that fonts add character and mood to a really good real estate postcard. Most companies will only provide the basics because they could care less about spending the $50-$100 needed to create great looking copy.

Another effective visual for any real estate postcard is the ability to use drop shadows and gradients on headers to allow certain elements to jump out and grab the prospects attentions. You can’t do this with do-it-yourself online tools.

Also bad is the ability to easily add and move elements around to maintain balance. Generally adding a new element to your real estate postcard means settling for clutter. With a company like designing it for you (same day) resizing, moving and cropping elements can be done to maintain order and impact on the postcard.

All in all, the truth is many agents get suckered into believing that do-it-myself postcards mean saving a coupling pennies and possessing equal impact. WRONG! You may save a FEW pennies, however, in today’s market, it’s worth paying pennies more to have a message stand out and be seen and also maximize the chance of a transaction happening because you’ve used all the tools needed to make it happen.

October 6th 2007

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards