So… just how often should I mail my real estate postcards…should it be every week?

by Lisa Shaw

I’ve been asked this question many times by agents who (1) have never marketed with real estate post cards before or (2) have marketed using real estate postcards, however, have never really see any return on investment and giving it another go. Well, here’s what you should certainly beware of: companies preaching MAIL, MAIL, and more MAIL. These are tell-tale signs of products that have no pull and are hoping on the sheer quantity and frequency of mailing to compensate where they lack. In other words, they want you to play the numbers game until you just about break your pockets.

Now don’t get me wrong, real estate postcard marketing is a numbers game and frequency does matter. However, not every week. It’s important to remember that a normal mailing has a lifespan of about two weeks. You’ll generally receive the first half of your responses the first week and the remaining half the second week. Although you’re certain to have a few trickle in weeks after.

A monthly farming campaign with a reasonable number of postcards generally will do the trick. Remember, it’s not so much about mailing 2,000 postcards in as much as it’s about mailing EFFECTIVE postcards. If your postcard has no call-to-action, guess what? You guessed it…no calls. To increase your chances of receiving calls you must offer something of value to the prospect. You need to offer something that has the prospect to say, “Man!! that would help!!” Don’t offer senseless crap that hints to the prospect that you’re cheap and tasteless. Offer information that stands to save them hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of having received your report. And you’re bound to receive a call!

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October 9th 2007

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards