Smart agents market in the winter…not just when the sun is shining

by Lisa Shaw

Fall is here! Ok, maybe it’s not all that exciting given how the market has taken a turn over the last two years, however, the important thing to remember is that there is still plenty of business out there. People haven’t stopped buying homes it’s just that people aren’t running out as quick as they once did to purchase a home. And with winter right around the corner, here comes another slow period in the housing transaction market. But that doesn’t mean you stop marketing. In fact, this is the perfect time given two strong reasons.

For one, most agents and brokers will be wasting money on holiday postcards and seasonal gimmick items that get treated like abundant fruitcakes that EVERY ONE is giving. From the clients perspective, it’s just another, “agent trying to get in good to get my business”.

Also a good reason to market this winter is because many agents won’t survive this winter. It’s sad, but true. Many agents have been bracing themselves for a market miracle which isn’t coming anytime soon. The reason you market hard in the winter is because you want to build rapport come spring and summer. And guess what? With less agents in the ‘08 market you’ll be able to stand out more easier. But it’s not just showing up at their door that will get you into their “housing life”, but offering something valuable that addresses the concerns and needs of today’s prospects that PROVES you know what you’re talking about. For more on that check out:

October 11th 2007

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