Real Estate Postcards, Just Listed Postcards and Just Sold Postcards…

by Lisa Shaw

We here at Realasponse have notice a surge in business for our real estate postcards. Since the demand was growing I wanted to look into what might be driving this desire to use our marketing tools vs. the other diret-mail postcard solutions already out there on the market. Well, after some investigation I’d was told time and time again the same thing from various agents. Their explanation matched what we’d always felt about other real estate postcards currently in the market. They said other postcard marketing companies offered no incentive for customers to call them back. There was no compelling reason for prospects to stop what they were doing and call them. Realasponse was the ONLY company that offered a built-in solution to their direct-mail needs. And they’re right! We know that no one will move to call you unless you move them to do so; and offering an insider report is the best way to get people calling you. So if you need postcards for your real estate marketing efforts, don’t chance it.

October 16th 2009

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards