Perfect time to market with real estate postcards

by Lisa Shaw

A friend and I just finished a wonderful conversation on how perfect a time it is to use real estate postcard marketing as an effective means to reaching prospects. Here are three things we concluded on the benefits of real estate postcard marketing in today’s market:

Open Mail (no need to open)
When mailing brochures, packages, and envelopes, you’re left hoping that prospects take the time to open and read your message. However, with postcards the visuals and message go to work immediately without any need for opening. Prospects are hit upon contact. This is important since research shows that your marketing pieces have only 3 seconds to capture the attention of potential clients.

Effective -vs- other methods
Unlike emails or websites, postcards are held in hand while read. The act of consciously picking up a postcard is the first step toward opening up your prospect to your message. Remember, the prospect is physically holding your message and has to interact with your postcard (turn it over) for more information. This experience makes for a loose personal contact between you and your prospect from right within their home.

Personal Interaction
Aside from being cost-effective, real estate postcards beat out other real estate marketing methods by sheer circumstance. Unlike an ad, your postcard competes with only a handful of items in the mailbox on that day, rather than with the 250-300 ads in a typical newspaper or magazine.

December 9th 2008

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards