Create the perfect residential mailing list with tons of custom options and preview your list before purchase

If there’s one thing that’s key to the success of your real estate postcard mailing it’s certainly the mailing list. One of the biggest mistakes agents make is farming to a list that does not match the message they are pushing. For example, if you have a listing for a home at $500,000 it’s probably best not to market to individuals with an annual household income of $25,000. Also, if you were mailing a homevalue postcard that offers instant home values you might want to target homeowners vs renters. The message-to-market match is key to response.

Hand pick your ideal prospects to maximize response

Our system doesn’t kick out blind mailing lists like many companies are known to do, however provides you with a transparent targeted list that fits all your specified factors for a perfect prospect list.
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It’s also important to remember that your mailing list is an investment that yields returns. A good mailing list can cost between $40-$130 depending on the number of behavioral and lifestyle factors. The beauty of acquiring a rich list of targeted prospects is that you can continuously market to that list over and over and get great return. Another way to look at it is, say, you purchase a $80 list and mail to that list six times over a certain period. That list now only cost you around $13 for each time you mailed. And ultimately, the list ends up paying for itself. Knowing who your prospects are can make all the difference on whether your postcard campaign is a hit or miss, which is why we provide you tools to filter prospects for a greater return on investment.

NCOA™ and CASS™ Certified

All of our mailing lists are NCOA™ and CASS™ Certified. This means we’ve double checked addresses to ensure they’re up-to-date with postal records. Even if the person has moved, they’ll still get it. You can rest assured your message will make it to that targeted prospect.

3 ways to produce a targeted mailing

(1) Zip Codes: Enter multiple zip codes to begin creating your list
(2) Geographic Household: Enter an address and radius and we’ll show you results for that area
(3) Geographic Household by Filter: Enter an address and radius and filter results by hundreds of factors

Use your own mailing list

Have a list? We accept any of the formats below. Use your own personal U.S. mailing list or one provided by a title or mortgage company. Just be sure you have a minimum of five fields included in your mailing list submission: Name (or “Current Resident”), Address, City, State, and Zip Code.