How to get real estate leads 2010 with real estate postcards

by Lisa Shaw

I’ve had this question asked to me for quite some time. “How can I get real estate leads pushing real estate postcards?” The truth is, you can get real estate leads with postcards however, not with today postcards being offered to Realtors and agents. I say that because today’s postcards don’t do enough to compel a buyer or seller to act and to compel a buyer or seller means that you are driving them by way of interest. And quite frankly, a picture of a home and you smiling saying,”Buying or Selling?” won’t cut it in 2010. The secret is in the offer; and I’m not talking gimmick items. It’s all about giving them something they truly need: information. Every buyer and seller wants to make an informed decision an offering them that which will improve time spent valuable. Which is why our real estate postcards include insider reports you can offer as a means of having them contact you. So don’t take a chance mailing postcards that don’t offer anything but your name and number and an empty promise that doesn’t prove it’s claim. Don’t just say you’re better than 99% of the other agents, prove it by offering valuable information FREE.

November 22nd 2009

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards