Getting leads is easier if you bait your hook with something FREE, valuable, accessible, and effortless

No other postcard system captures this much information from leads INSTANTLY…NONE! is the only real estate postcard marketing company that holds a patent-pending system to allow agents to capture a wealth of data from leads instantly in one single action. No landing pages needed!

Create Attractive Postcards in Minutes

Select and customize any real estate postcard design in minutes. Need a mailing list? No problem? Create your ideal prospect mailing list in no time with tons of custom demographic factors to choose from like, renters, homeowners, length of residency and more to help you target your message and offer with precision.

Also, feel free to kick your feet up and create on the comfort of your tablet or desktop!


Mail, Track, & Capture Lead Information

Immediately after ordering, we’ll assign a personal keyword to your postcard campaign and email you access to your “Lead Manager” dashboard. Here, you can edit your offer any time as well as test the keyword (i.e. HOME 411) prospects will use when texting to access your offer. All your leads are stored in your Lead Manager and can be downloaded any time or forwarded via text alerts to your phone in real-time. Also monitor campaign performance in one place.

Bonus: Grow your Social Media Presence

Not only do prospects have the option to text, call, and email but also to connect online! Since 78% of all Facebook users are mobile and 75% of Twitter users are mobile; it makes sense to expose leads to your social media presence while reading your report, listing, or home estimate on their mobile device. Which is why we’ve integrated Facebook and Twitter connect features. Not only can you target a neighborhood and collect contact information but grow your social media house by house.


Your Lead Manager Dashboard


When using our Smart Postcards, available information is recorded in your Lead Manager dashboard: Mobile Number, Date of Request, Time of Request, Campaign Associated Keyword, Name, Gender, Age, Social Data and more! Remember, they NEVER fill out a single form! We’re able to do this by data-mining networks of consumer databases in milliseconds and funneling the information back to you. We’ll even send you a text alert as soon as a lead comes in.

Features & Benefits

Researched-Based Marketing

We’re the only real estate marketing company to incorporate buyer and seller research into the foundation of our products. Every real estate postcard is tested on its ability to “pull”. By pull we mean how well the postcard elicits a response. Our computers are running 24/7 real-time reports of all response rates by text on all postcards. By crowd-sourcing performance metrics, we know what’s working. This insight helps us to continue to create great products.

Hyper-Targeted Mailing List

Targeting renters, homebuyers, or prospects with special factors? Knowing who your prospects are can make all the difference on whether your postcard campaign is a hit or miss, which is why we provide you tools to filter prospects by factors such as age, income, home value, life style behaviors and more. Having a stronger message-to-market match makes for more effective marketing. Click here if you need to create a targeted mailing list for your campaign.

Irresistible FREE Offers

The strength of any postcard campaign will always be in the offer. The buyer or seller must be offered something of value that serves their interest. Remember, desire fuels the will; which is why an irresistible offer that’s easy-to-access is so important in an age where people want information right away, anywhere, and fast. Plus, you can create your own reports to offer prospects.

Track Results in your Dashboard

Being able to see how well your postcard campaign is performing is critical. You can’t afford to run your business on hope and assume what’s working. You need to know how well any given campaign is doing in any given area. It’s important to know if a particular mailing list or offer is working well with an active campaign or not. We’ll show you how campaigns are performing in your Lead Manager dashboard.

Real-Time Leads 24/7

Once a prospect responds to your postcard offer by text, we’ll instantly return the time of request and their contact information for followup. All leads are stored in your Lead Manager and can be exported in spreadsheet format anytime. Should you choose to forward lead notifications to your cell phone, you can do so with ease. Now you’ll get real-time text alerts from anywhere the second a prospect shows interests. Additionally, prospects will always have the option of contacting you via phone or email given it will be displayed on your postcard.

Automatic Rapport with Leads

With Realasponse, every lead is a warm lead. Our postcards give you leverage entering every follow-up call. Remember, when a prospect makes a request via text for information, their request for that desired information is being served courtesy of you. You’ve not only demonstrated your willingness to service them but have now provided them with meaningful content that positions you as a qualified and knowledgeable resource in their eyes. Every free report, mobile listing, or home value represents a meaningful demonstration of service while rewarding them.

Proven Follow-up Script

Remember, you don’t get paid to generate leads. So follow up and conversion are key. You’ll receive FREE scripts and guidelines with your order that make followup a breeze. You’ll discover (1) a proven and non-disruptive formula for following up with leads that converts calls into appointments and (2) receive real call transcripts that show you the anatomy of the conversation in action.

Facebook and Twitter Connect

Since 78% of all Facebook users are mobile and 75% of Twitter users are mobile; it makes sense to expose leads to your social media presence while reading your report, listing, or their home value on their mobile device. Which is why we’ve integrated Facebook and Twitter connect features. Now you can target a neighborhood and grow your social media block by block and house by house.

Offer them MORE Photos on Mobile

There are limits to the amount of space you have for photos on a postcard. Now you can offer them the chance to view more property photos and exclusive information by having them send a simple text message. Once they view the mobile listing report their information is instantly captured. No forms needed!

Use Video to talk to the Neighborhood

Remember, you can customize a postcard to make an offer read whatever you’d like! Link your postcard campaign to a YouTube video with yourself delivering a neighborhood market update or sharing a how-to-video for buyers or sellers. Allow them the chance to see you in action!