Help with your Open House Flyers…have no fear, Realasponse is here

by Lisa Shaw

Here’s one common mistake I see agents make time and time again: Their Open House postcards fail to carry the excite of an event. That’s right, an event. Remember, the market is not an exciting place at the moment and both buyers and sellers are a bit nervous. That excitement needs to be broken with energy. However, I ‘m not talking about anything cheesy such as pens and gimmicky items. What’s needed is nothing more than the good ol’ Open House Postcard with a twist of life.

So we here a are announcing a site in the works that will provide agents across the country with FREE Open House Flyers that you can edit yourself. You heard right 100% FREE with no strings attached. The reason for our announcement is due to the market saturation of so many sub standard Open House Marketing Flyers. If we all want the market to do better we should also do better by the market.

Prospects want more for agents in a time where commissions are under attack. Well, we’re helping you out! Stay tune for updates

November 3rd 2007

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards