Getting more out of your Just Sold postcards and letting them sell you…

by Lisa Shaw

If you look at today’s just sold postcards they lack appeal. I mean, sure they have the basic information any just sold postcard would have: price sold, city or town, and address. And that’s just the problem; that’s all they have. The key to marketing a good just sold postcard is insuring that the headline jumps out and grabs the prospect by the eyes and mind.

First, let’s think about what’s really going on here. What do you hope to accomplish by having a just sold postcard? Acquire more sellers, right? Well, what dilemma are sellers facing in today’s market that they want to avoid? THEY DON’T WANT THEIR HOME SITTING ON THE MARKET. Well, if that’s the case, and it is, how does plastering the same message as any other agent going to make you stand out. Your marketing message should acknowledge market conditions and speak to how you’ are the type of agent who “knows how to market a home in a slow market” along with announcing your recent sale.

The reason this works is because you’re making a claim and backing it up with “actual proof” of a sale. No matter how long it took to sell the home (as long as you didn’t state that on the postcard) all the prospect knows is you’ve addressed their common concern in today’s market and provided proof. Also great, is the nature of how just sold postcards are marketed: within the area of the recipient. This is great because, in their eyes, this provides a sense of hope when selling their home.

Remember, don’t just market your just sold postcards by solely making a statement, but make sure your statement ( your recent sale) fits into the context of providing proof of your function in a market like this. Great examples of just sold postcards that do this and more are at

October 1st 2007

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards