Lead: Yes, Hello?

Agent: Hi, this is Barbara Wasser with Piker Realty… I sent you an offer for a FREE home value estimate. I was just calling to check if you were able to access everything just fine.

Lead: Yeah…I got it. Thanks.

Agent: Great…ok, just wanted to make sure.

Given that you’ve checked your home estimate, were you thinking about putting your home on the market?

Lead: Well, yeah we’re thinking about it however we haven’t decided on anything yet.

Agent: Ok…if you were to sell would you be staying in the area or moving out?

Lead: Ahhh…likely something in the area. We would like to remain close to family and work. I’m not a fan of commuting.

Agent: Sure, I totally understand…is this something you’re considering within the year?

Lead: Yeah, definitely! Maybe Spring?

Agent: Ok, not a problem…you likely viewed a price range when you accessed your home estimate. I can easily provide you a more accurate picture of what your home would sell for. Not to mention further tips on what to do. And, there’s no cost or obligation.

Lead: That doesn’t sound bad…just let me run that over with my wife.

Agent: Sure not a problem…in the meantime I can email you more information on what homes are selling for in the area so you can better gauge the market.

Lead: Yeah, that works!

Agent: Ok, well let me get 3 things from you real quick and I’ll get these updates out to you right way.

Just need your property address again.

Lead: 4954 Los Robles Ave.

Agent: Ok, Email address?


Agent: And last thing; If I can get the full spelling of your first and last name.

Lead: Micah Cordovan. M-I-C-A-H C-O-R-D-O-V-A-N

Agent: Perfect! Thank you Mr. Cordovan, I’ll get this out to you right away.

And if it’s ok, I’ll follow up with you later on in the week about the evaluation.

Lead: Sure, that’ll be fine.

Agent: Ok, have a good one. Thank you

Lead: Ok, thank you. Bye.

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