Lead: Hello?

Agent: Yes, hi, I’m Claude Daly with Castlemont Realty, I see you’ve requested one of my real estate reports by text message. I was just calling to check if you were able to access your report just fine.

Lead: Oh…yeah….yeah…I texted about an hour or so ago…yeah I saw your report. Everything was fine.

Agent: Ok, great…just wanted to make sure.

I see you accessed my report on Home Buying Mistakes, were you thinking about moving within the next couple of months or so?

Lead: Yeah…both my husband and I currently live in an apartment and have been talking about buying for some time now. It’d be nice to have something bigger. We’ve checked out a couple of homes online but we haven’t seen anything that jumps out. But yeah, we would like to move in maybe 3 or 4 months from now.

Agent: (slight laughter) Oh, well in that case my report was just in time.

Lead: Yeah…well, it was helpful. You brought up some things in the report I didn’t think about.

Agent: Right on…well, I’m glad I could help.

Are you currently working with an agent?


Agent: Ok, I can probably help you out there……..and were you thinking about moving somewhere within the area?

Yeah, we both grew up here all of our lives and we would like something not too far, but we’re open to something within 15 minutes from here.

Agent: Not a problem, and have you guys been pre-qualified by a bank or mortgage broker or anything like that?

Lead: Ah, no…not yet.

Agent: Ok, well, it’ll probably be best to get you guys pre-qualified, that way you don’t waste your time looking at properties above or below your price range. We have a gentleman who can certainly help you out with that.

Why don’t we do this? I’ll have him call you later today (if that works with you) and get you pre-qualified and I can touch back with you tomorrow to get a home criteria and start emailing you homes that fit both you and your husband.

Lead: Ok, sounds great!

Agent: Ok, perfect! And is this an ok number to reach you?

Lead: Yes.

Agent: Oh, and one more thing…can I get the spelling of your last name? I’m creating a reminder for myself about our talk tomorrow.

Lead: Yes, S-C-R-I-B-N-E-R. Scribner

Agent: Ok, well great talking with you Mrs. Scribner; we’ll talk soon.

Lead: Ok bye.

Agent: Take care.

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