How to follow up with leads and interested prospects to get the appointment. . . and how to extract leads out of leads

The Big Picture

You’ve heard the saying, “If you’re going to do it, you might as well go all the way”. The same wisdom applies to your marketing…and that includes follow up. If you’re going to take the time and the money to market your business, why wouldn’t you see the process to the end. It would be like hitting a baseball outfield, running all the way to third base and refusing to run home to score. Makes no sense, right?

What’s just as important is the time of your follow up. Studies show that the later you wait on your follow up the lower your chances of conversion. This is because so much can happen between the time a person reads your report or listing and the time they spend addressing other obligations for the day.

So following up “fresh“, while your content is still on their mind, is best for converting. You want to follow-up within 1-4 hours from someone accessing your report. You might think that’s too soon, however it’s not. Just look at the results from a study authored by Baylor University titled: Lead Generation: What Really Works?

The research study shows:


“A follow-up within 8 hours is best. A follow-up by the end of the next day is less effective in converting leads to appointments and transactions. And, waiting later than this creates a significant drop in conversion rates. ”


There’s nothing to fear…seriously

With Realasponse, every lead is a warm lead. So understand you’re NOT cold calling anyone. Our postcards give you leverage entering every follow-up call. Remember, when a prospect makes a request via text message for information, their request for that desired information is being provided courtesy of YOU. You’ve not only demonstrated your willingness to service them by promoting an offer but have provided them with meaningful content that positions you as a qualified and knowledgeable resource in their eyes. So when you call and follow up with a lead, you’re doing just that: Following up! You are first calling to inquiry if they’ve received the report that they’ve requested and didn’t run into any difficulty. Your reason for calling is sincere and sets up the call for more dialogue.

And don’t forget, you’re no stranger…they know they’re talking to the guy or gal on the postcard!

Now, about the Scripts

Our patented system and follow-up makes conversation-to-conversion painless and easy. The scripts below are transcripts of conversations between agents and leads/interested prospects. They are to serve as guides for your follow up phone call conversations. We encourage you to follow along and read them over until the concept of the conversation becomes natural. Remember, you don’t want to sound scripted. No one likes to be sold. So find your own voice and style, however stick to the base principles and goal of the conversation. The base formula is most always the same as seen below:

Soft Landing

The call begins with brief introduction and inquiry on offer accessibility
You first want to briefly establish who you are and why you’re calling. You’re simply calling to ask if they were able to “access the report” without problems. This question is mainly designed to do two things:
(1) Illicit some level of feedback to get them talking and
(2) setup the 2nd question (which is where you really want the conversation to go.)


Conversation transitions to meaningful questions to gauge and feel lead
Here’s where you begin to categorize the lead. Gauge their motivations and their level of seriousness. For example,” So…I see you accessed my report on home buying. Are you thinking on buying in the next 3 to 6 months or perhaps later this year?” Their answers will guide you to other questions. Conversation will pick up. Listen and continue to retrieve information while moving closer to the last step..


Finally execute relationship oriented solution based on their need
After you’ve retrieved enough information it’s time to execute. In the case of a buyer, they might not be ready until 4 months down the line. So you need to incubate them during that time via automated email and serve them desired home types to review. Then call them in 2 months to follow up. In the case of a motivated seller, you might want to schedule a home evaluation on the call. The goal is to always establish an open line of communication for future follow up by offering a solution.


Remember that not everyone who accesses your offer is ready to buy or sell tomorrow. People have different motivations for texting for your offered information. Some are ready to do business now, others are planning 3 to 6 months from the day, and some are texting your report to later share with a friend or family member. Whatever the motivation, they are all opportunities for business. Study these scripts and remember to BE YOURSELF and to find your own voice.

Buyer Script

Seller Script