Do your just listed postcards and just sold postcards look out of date?

by Lisa Shaw

Have you seen today’s just listed and just sold postcards being sold today! Oh my, can you say “1998″. No, seriously, if you’re going to use real estate postcards today, you better be sure you’re presenting the property on good quality design. The reason why it’s so important is because prospects can make negative assumption on your listing or sale. Here’s an example, lets say you have a date who you figure is an attractive person, however, once you see them they are poorly dressed and the car they arrived in is hardly a car at all. Get my point? It’s not just the property, however, everything associated with that property that helped you form your first impression. It’s the same thing with just sold postcards, just listed postcards and, hell, any real estate postcards that you send. Here’s something to ponder, in a market like this can you really afford to gamble on future transactions. Perhaps, not. So use real estate postcards that grab the attention of prospects increase the chances of winning that next deal.

October 23rd 2009

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards