Yes, we’ve lauched…beta is here!

by Lisa Shaw

We’ve introduced some new things!!

We know you’ve waited a long time for this and we’re happy to say that we have some new things we’ve added and more things coming. As you can see we’re still uploading designs however they’ll be fully uploaded within weeks.


You’ll notice that we’ve introduced a new product: “Home Value Postcards” which are amazing if you’re targeting sellers!! We’ve also made our prices more competitive and extended keyword code timelines to last 110 days.

Our biggest update is to our postcard designer which is even faster and more user-friendly; allowing you to access and import your photos directly from Facebook and Instagram. And what design tool would be complete without the ability to shop and browse among thousands of stock photography options to customize your marketing further. Yup, we’ve added that too! Give it a spin and share your feedback.

May 1st 2014

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards