Are real estate postcard marketers blind, or is it just me? Please tell me it’s me!

by Lisa Shaw

Just the other day I received a real estate postcard in my mailbox from an agent. Aside from the postcard harboring lousy design, the postcard had horrible copy. This particular postcard I’d seen online from a vendor I’m well acquainted with. Then the question hit me: “Are today’s real estate postcard vendors aware that the market has changed?” The copy on the postcard read something to the effect of, “Call me to make your real estate dreams come true!” Does this agent have any idea that the market is embattled in a war for trust and value? Do they realize today’s copy on postcard marketing material must be about persuasive proofs, not claims alone. However, even more, is the postcard company who sold her the postcard aware of that? Is the company aware of the credit and housing crisis and how that factors into real estate marketing copy? I seriously doubt it.

Whether marketing with a just sold postcard, just listed postcard, or farming postcard, your message has to match the climate. In marketing it’s called “message-to-market match”. This postcard was most certainly off target. I could just see homeowners either (1) not noticing it because of its failed design or (2) reading it and throwing it the trash with all the other marketing junk we get that offer wild claims.

All I can say is, “thank God for real estate postcards from Realasponse” (

October 3rd 2008

Tags: Mortgage Marketing, Real Estate Postcards